Life in Camp

Our focus is to provide our guests with an 'off the beaten track', immersive wildlife experience.
The remoteness of our camps and lodges is a big part of achieving this goal.
This means some elements of everyday life in the African Bush will be different from what you are used to at home.
We have come up with ways to find a middle ground between truly becoming one with nature, and maintaining a comfortable stay.

Rufiji River Camp's accommodation features:

  • Comfortable, large, double beds
  • A spacious deck to relax and spectate the wildlife action in front 
  • An en-suite bathroom with running water
  • A lockable safe for valuables

We have installed solar water heaters for each room which are used to provide you with hot running water. This means water temperature might fluctuate, but being near the equator with intense solar energy, this is not common. 

Tanzania's mains electricity does not extend into National Parks, therefore we must run generators to provide power to the camp. To reduce the impact on our surroundings, electricity is not provided 24 hours a day.

One of the marvels of Rufiji River Camp is the wildlife that roams around camp, meaning your safari doesn't end after a game drive. For safety, Maasai guides must be requested to escort our guests between their rooms and other camp areas. 

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